We’re a UK company, but we operate flexibly and founder Andrew spends most of his time working remotely in Italy where the quiet roads and good weather facilitate a better training environment. Our wheels however are hand-built in the UK by expert builders with many years’ experience.

Zolla was set up to address a gap in the market. Current carbon wheel offerings sell on headlines. Fractions of a watt’s aerodynamic advantage at 45km/h, or a few grams of weight saving. For us, strength and build quality are key, whilst maintaining the vast majority of weight and aero advantages carbon rims can offer.



Andrew Phillips

SALES & Product Development

Having been working in the bike industry and toured across several continents, Andrew began ultra-endurance racing in 2019 and immediately set about designing the right wheels for the job, leading to the founding of Zolla. He also works for Lost Dot as one of the Race Directors.


Rob Gardiner

MARKETING & COmmercials

Former world record holder for the fastest crossing of Europe (South to North), Rob can be found endurance racing on all surfaces. When he’s not busy working on the Zolla website or testing our latest wheel build, he’s out recceing new UK routes for The Perfidious Albion events.


Tristan Brown

Expert Wheel Builder

With a background in aerospace engineering and stress testing, Tristan is just the man you want to build wheels that last. An experienced wheel builder and natural perfectionist, he builds each wheel set to his same high standards.


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