The Wheel Journey

Born in Italy, manufactured worldwide, and handbuilt in the UK. When developing our wheels, we wanted to find the best of everything, and so our components come from experts around the world. Click on the map below to find out more about each component and its origins.

Carbon Rims

Our rims are manufactured for us in Shenzhen, Southern China, using the highest quality Japanese Toray T700/T800 carbon filament mix for the perfect balance of strength and weight. Our rims have been tested over tens of thousands of kilometres of the toughest conditions we could throw at them.

Hubs Made to Last

Our hub partner Trailmech manufactures only the highest quality parts in-house in their manufacturing facility in Poltava, Ukraine. Trailmech have been manufacturing their award-winning hubs with vortex ratchet engagement technology since 2014.

These bulletproof hubs have gained a well-deserved reputation for the toughness and reliability of their near-instant engagement system.

Update: Read about Zolla & Ukraine

Japanese Bearings

Precision bearings are manufactured by the world-renowned EZO of Hokkaido, Japan. EZO have been producing world-leading bearings in Japan since 1969, and have gained a reputation as the world leader in long-lasting bearing technology.

Bladed Spokes

Using high-tensile fatigue-resistant steel, Sapim CX Ray spokes offer one the strongest strength-to-weight ratios available. Sapim have been manufacturing in Belgium since 1918.

Hand-built in the UK with Experience

We’ve scoured the world for the best components for our wheels, and we trust only the best wheel builders the UK has to offer to complete the ensemble. Each wheel is expertly built, trued and inspected by hand, so you can be certain that your wheels will arrive in perfect condition and ready to ride.

Born in Italy

Perfectly located for product testing, Zolla's test HQ is hidden away in the remote Italian mountains. Here, steep gradients, questionable road surfaces and big miles provide the perfect challenge for our wheels. And they've yet to be beaten.

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