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  • Dnipro 40mm Wide-rim Wheels

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    Adventure racing wheels designed without compromise, our Dnipros combine speed, strength and reliability. Their modern wide-rim construction gives you the freedom to run wider tubeless tyres while maintaining the optimum profile. And with multiple Transcontinental finishes to their name, these wheels have been tested extensively in the field.

  • Kyiv 40mm road Wheels

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    The first wheelset we ever built, our Kyiv wheels are remarkably strong and speedy. They only differ from the Dnipros thanks to their slightly narrower rim, although this still pairs perfectly with 28mm tyres.

  • Odesa 35mm All-Road Wheels

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    Designed to cope with every surface, these all-road wheels perform on both the smooth and rough stuff. Like all our wheels, they are built with strength, longevity and quality in mind, but the option to upgrade your spokes also gives you a little bit of flexibility. 

  • Poltava 29er Wheels

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    Designed to take you over the roughest terrain, our Poltava wheels perfectly balance weight, speed and strength. 32 spokes on each means no compromises have been made. And thanks to only using the best components, these are high performance wheels made to last.

  • Trailmech Gravel hubs

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    High-quality, instant-engagement hubs that are designed and manufactured in Ukraine

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