Odesa 35mm All-Road Wheels

Odesa 35mm All-Road Wheels

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Designed to cope with every surface, these all-road wheels perform on both the smooth and rough stuff. Like all our wheels, they are built with strength, longevity and quality in mind, but the option to upgrade your spokes also gives you a little bit of flexibility. 

Upgrade Your Odesa Wheels


This wheelset is designed for adventure riding on 28-40mm tyres. Practically, this means that it needs to be light, aerodynamic, but most importantly strong enough to withstand the rigours of racing on a variety of surfaces.

The strength of these wheels is assured by 28 Sapim D-Light spokes*, strengthened rims, and tough gravel hubs. These wheels are therefore also suitable for heavier riders looking for fast road or gravel wheels.

All of our wheels are named after cities and rivers in Ukraine, out of respect to our Trailmech colleagues and all Ukrainians affected by the conflict. Our 35mm wheels are named after the historic port of Odesa.

*Upgradable to Sapim CX-Ray spokes for those who want to take these wheels to the next level.


Our rims are made from a high quality T800 carbon fibre, for the perfect mix of compliance and stiffness, lightness and strength. With a 29mm external width, 21.5mm internal rim width (between rim hooks), these wheels are most aerodynamic with 28mm and 30mm tyres, but can accommodate anything up to 50mm.

A U-shaped rim profile provides maximum aerodynamic efficiency at a wider variety of yaw-angles than a standard V-shaped rim. Our rims are paired with either round Sapim D-Light or bladed Sapim CX-Ray spokes (as an upgrade). Both are remarkably strong and lightweight, with the top-of-the-range CX-Rays offering marginally better aerodynamics and unparalleled fatigue resistance.


Our Trailmech hubs are some of the finest gravel hubs on the market, and with their patented Vortex ratchet engagement system power transfer is almost instant offering between 6 and 7.2 degrees of travel. It’s not only quick, but also strong – the unique vortex design means that the more force you put through the pedals, the harder the ratchet engages reducing the risk of slippage.

As with all ratchet hubs, the sound of the freewheel is a distinctive mark of quality so be prepared to get used to that ‘angry bee’ sound, and wonder how you lived without it before. Note: if you’re not a fan of a loud freewheel, adding a little more 5w-40 oil to the ratchet will reduce the volume.

Inside these beautiful CNC alloy hubs, you’ll find high-quality Japanese EZO bearings for high efficiency and low maintenance.


The value of handbuilt wheels is often understated. They can last a lifetime if well-specced and built by an experienced wheel builder. Whilst it’s often thought that wheel building is just about producing wheels that are true (aligned) in all directions, this is far from correct.

The strength of handbuilt wheels really comes from the way the spokes are tensioned and ensuring this tension is uniform throughout. The spokes on our wheel are individually measured to ensure perfect tension and uniformity across the entire structure.

To finish the build, we seat a tubeless tyre on the wheel and then measure the tension again across all spokes. This ensures that there is no shifting or settling of the spokes and rim to worry about when the wheel gets its first use.

Customise Your Wheels

Don’t see the options you want on this page? Don’t worry, we often build to spec and are happy to advise on custom builds. Whether it’s adding a dynamo hub or accommodating an unusual axle combination, we can figure it out.

Drop us an email at hello@zolla.cc and let us know what you’re looking for. Lead times for custom builds vary depending on component availability, but we can usually get them turned around in a few weeks.


Our wheels are built to last, with each wheelset individually handbuilt. Therefore, we’re happy to offer a five-year warranty across all our wheels. This covers any material or workmanship failures or flaws. You can read more here.

If you have any problems at all with your wheels or require advice regarding routine maintenance then don’t hesitate to get in touch. You can email us here.

In the wild

These are wheels designed to be ridden and challenged, built for big days and bigger climbs. Check out the gallery below to see our wheels in the wild, doing what they do best.


  • 35mm deep T800 Toray carbon fibre rims
  • 29mm external and 21.5mm internal rim width
  • 28-50mm tyre compatibility
  • Trailmech gravel front and rear hubs
  • Six-bolt disc rotor mounts
  • 11-speed Shimano-compatible freehubs, or
  • SRAM XDR freehub
  • Included spacer for 10-speed cassettes
  • Front-wheel weight 700g 
  • Rear-wheel weight 840g
  • Combined weight 1540g

Weights given for 12mm thru-axle format, and vary slightly for 15mm/QR

2 reviews for Odesa 35mm All-Road Wheels

  1. Donnie Campbell

    I bought the 35mm Carbon Disc Wheels Gravel about 4 weeks ago and what can i say the best wheels I have ever owned. I Do a most of my cycling in the Highlands of Scotland and the wheels can withstand the abuse of the rough Highland Trails (I use a 40c tyre on them) and when the surface smoothes out well the wheels just want to go fast! I used them when I broke the Badger Divide FKT which is 200 mile gravel route from Glasgow to Inverness and the combination of the strength of the wheel gave me the confidence to be able to push on the more technical descents and the deeper 35mm rims making the wheels more aero to maintain speed on the less technical parts of the trail were great.

  2. John Barnes

    After many years of deliberation about the value of carbon wheels, I finally took the plunge and bought these before embarking on the Wild West Country two weeks ago. Whilst I may have regretted many things during the 800km ride, (like entering in the first place!) I never regretted my investment. Compared to riding the same event on high quality aluminium wheels two years ago, the difference was noticeable in both comfort and speed. Built by a team who understand endurance riding, they give you the ability to just keep on rolling and make it very difficult to stop.

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Odesa 35mm All-Road Wheels