At Zolla we understand that a broken spoke or a hub that needs dismantling isn’t just an annoyance, it’s the difference between finishing a race and scratching. Between the podium and the Maglia Nera. Our wheels are designed to keep you rolling on all surfaces and over any distance.

Who are we?


Zolla n. Italian. meaning everything from a literal bump in the road, to a tectonic plate. We wanted a name that embodied our mission, to help you make molehills out of mountains. Our wheels are born in Italy, manufactured around the world and handbuilt in the UK.


Our philosophy is simple. The fastest wheels are the ones able to take you over the line. The ones that are there for you everyday you are able to train, despite every pothole you come across, and every lump in the road.

Zolla on the Road

Two Volcano Sprint

It was at the inaugural Two Volcano Sprint in 2019 that Zolla 40mm rims were first race-tested, paired with Continental’s 28mm tubeless GP5000 tyres, the results were spectacular, but we still weren’t ready to launch.

Zolla & Ukraine

Since the unprovoked and inhumane assault on Ukraine in February, we at Zolla have watched in horror. Seeing human suffering anywhere in the world is difficult, but for us this war is particularly close to home. Our amazing hub partner Trailmech, who are an integral part of our wheels, are based in Poltava in Eastern Ukraine.