Kyiv 40mm Allroad Wheels

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Adventure wheels designed with speed, strength and reliability in mind £100 from every wheelset will go to helping Ukrainians affected by conflict 🇺🇦


This wheelset is designed for riding, racing, or bike-packing on 25/28/30mm tyres. Practically, this means that it needs to be light, aerodynamic, but most importantly strong enough to withstand the rigours of racing on a variety of surfaces.

The strength of these wheels is assured by 28 Sapim CX Ray spokes, strengthened rims, and tough gravel hubs. These wheels are therefore also suitable for heavier riders looking for fast road wheels.

All of our wheels are named after cities and rivers in Ukraine, out of respect to our Trailmech colleagues and all Ukrainians affected by the conflict. Our Kyiv wheels are our first ever wheelset, so it was natural we would name them after Ukraine’s capital city.


Our rims are made from a high quality T800 carbon fibre, for compliance, stiffness, lightness, and strength. With a 27mm external width, 22mm internal width (below rim hooks) and an 18.35mm width between rim hooks, these wheels are most aerodynamic with 25 and 28mm tyres, but can accommodate anything up to 43mm.

A U-shaped rim profile provides maximum aerodynamic efficiency at a wider variety of yaw-angles than a standard V-shaped rim. Our rims are paired with bladed Sapim CX-Ray spokes for their legendary strength, longevity, and aerodynamic advantages.


Our Ukrainian Trailmech hubs are some of the finest gravel hubs on the market, and with their patented Vortex ratchet engagement system power transfer is almost instant offering between 6 and 7.2 degrees of travel. It’s not only quick, but also strong – the unique vortex design means that the more force you put through the pedals, the harder the ratchet engages reducing the risk of slippage.

As with all ratchet hubs, the sound of the freewheel is a distinctive mark of quality so be prepared to get used to that ‘angry bee’ sound, and wonder how you lived without it before. Note: if you’re not a fan of a loud freewheel, adding a little more 5w-40 oil to the ratchet will reduce the volume.

Inside these beautiful CNC alloy hubs, you’ll find high-quality Japanese EZO bearings for high efficiency and low maintenance.

In the wild

These are wheels designed to be ridden and challenged, built for big days and bigger climbs. Check out the gallery below to see our wheels in the wild, doing what they do best.


  • 40mm T700/800 Toray carbon fibre rims
  • 27mm external and 18.35 internal rim width
  • 25-43mm tyre compatibility
  • Trailmech gravel front and rear hubs
  • Six-bolt disc rotor mounts
  • 11-speed Shimano-compatible freehubs
  • Included spacer for 10-speed hubs
  • Front-wheel weight 715g 
  • Rear-wheel weight 854g
  • Combined weight 1569g

Weights given for 12mm thru-axle format, and vary slightly for 15mm/QR

1 review for Kyiv 40mm Allroad Wheels

  1. Jonny

    I bought these wheels specifically to withstand the rigours of ultra cycling events where reliability is paramount. In several months of riding they have lived up to my expectations. I also configured these to run tubeless tyres and fitting each tyre effortlessly took only a few minutes using normal hand-levers which may prove crucial when faced with a puncture in a remote location.

    So far the ride has been incredible and they have performed well in all conditions including high winds and rain.

    The pre-sales support was excellent and helped with choice of additional components that I required for the tubeless setup.

    Finally the wheels look fantastic and I look forward to using them on many adventures.

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