All Points North 2024

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All Points North







Route Type:

Free Route

Start Date:

22nd May 2024

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Entry Process:

First Come

Entry Cost:

£100 - £199

GPS Tracking:

Tracker Included

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With All Points North we aim to give riders a taste of what it’s like to plan their own route to given control points, ride completely unsupported and make their own decisions about how they plan their time, find food and places to sleep, but over the timescale of a long weekend rather than weeks out on the road.

What We Say

Free route races are notoriously challenging to make successful (and safe), especially in the UK. The longevity and popularity of All Points North is a testament to the effort the organisers put into this event. They also continue to evolve the sport and aim to make the event as inclusive as possible through a number of initiatives. This is a UK classic but one with real passion behind it as well.

Submitted by a dotwatcher on 10/10/2023

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