Solstice Sprint 2023

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Solstice Sprint 2023







Route Type:

Free Route

Start Date:

22nd June 2023

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First Come

Entry Cost:

£100 - £199

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Tracker Included


The Solstice Sprint is ultradistance cycling race, created by cycling enthusiasts for cycling enthusiasts. 2023 will be our inaugural race and it is open to all, whether you are an experienced rider "not planning on sleeping" like one of our entrants, or a first timer who would like to discover new depths of their ability. There are 10 mandatory parcours to complete, the route you take between them is up to you, However they must be completed in order 1-10.Starting and finishing in Warwick, competitors will traverse the West Midlands before popping briefly into Wales. Many riders will then cycle across the Severn Bridge (a personal fan favourite) to gain access to the rugged South-West. Those who have ridden in the South West will know that things will get a little bumpy for a while...worry not though, things will flatten out a bit more as you approach Stonehenge and start making your way back to Warwick, well with the exception of Edge Hill.

Submitted by a dotwatcher on 24/05/2023

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