The Unknown Race 2024

Event Info

Event Name:

The Unknown Race 2024







Route Type:

Free Route

Start Date:

17th April 2024

Entry Info

Entry Process:

First Come

Entry Cost:

£100 - £199

GPS Tracking:

Tracker Included

Entries Open:

15th October 2023

Entries Close:

29th February 2024

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We wanted something different, where pre-race preparations are not the key of the race. We designed this event as riders for riders. A challenge which shares the benefits to someone else than the organization. Don’t take it as a race but enjoy the event, meet other riders and have lots of fun.The first finisher will choose the charity that will receive the money.The race starts and ends at the same point. There will be an unknown number of CPs.The particularity of this race is that the location of the first checkpoint is given one hour before the start! Up to you to make your own route. When you reach CP1, you will receive the location of CP2. At CP2 you get the location of CP3, etcetera. The final distance will be around 1000km.

Submitted by a dotwatcher on 10/10/2023

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