Unmapping: Sweden 2023

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Unmapping: Sweden 2023







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Fixed Route

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26th June 2023

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First Come

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£200 - £299

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Tracker Included


Unmapping Sweden traverses Sweden, from north of the Arctic Circle in Lapland to the southern point of the Scandinavian peninsula. Along the route nature shifts from vast marshes and wide rivers in the north to wild greenery in the far south. At the start the sun never goes down, while night cycling on the southern part of the route demands artificial light on the bike.The route holds everything from top notch tarmac (sorry, a mistake) via fast gravel, lumpy gravel, painfully forgotten tractor roads and some trails and fields with rare hike a bike sections and gates that you need to open. There are two fixed routes to choose from. They share most of the route but the "easy" route is about 100 km shorter, has more sealed roads, less climbing and generally avoids much of the slower and demanding terrain that other one rather seeks out.

Submitted by a dotwatcher on 24/05/2023

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