Be Brave like Ukraine

Since the unprovoked and inhumane assault on Ukraine in February we at Zolla have watched in horror. Seeing human suffering anywhere in the world is difficult, but for us this war is particularly close to home. Our amazing hub partner Trailmech, who are an integral part of our wheels, are based in Poltava in Eastern Ukraine. Poltava itself has been relatively unscathed (although there have been some air/missile strikes), but it is only 140km from Kharkiv where there has been intense fighting as Russian troops try to take the city.

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Two Volcano Sprint 2021 – Riders on the Storm

Zolla founder talks through the trials and tribulations of his third Two Volcano Sprint ultra-cycling race and how it was third time lucky with the win.

Preparation for the race had been erratic, having got married a month beforehand I’d spent more time with my hands wrapped round a pint glass than a handlebar. With 3 weeks to go I finally found the time to start training hard, and knocking the body into shape. It was ambitious but I knew things were going in the right direction when, 6 days before the race I broke my own Strava KOM on a segment I’ve completed over 150 times.

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The Perfidious Albion – Rider List Confirmed

Entries to the inaugural edition of The Perfidous Albion closed at the beginning of this month. Unsurprisingly, it’s a modest line-up, given that this event didn’t exist much more than a month ago. But with 10 brave riders now confirmed, we have a large enough field for some interesting dotwatching and I’m sure some intriguing subplots will develop.

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After his victory in last week’s Slovenian ultra-race, we asked Zolla rider Robbie Britton for his thoughts on how the race went:

If you want to do well at anything then self-reflection is key. We learn by building experience, by competing and in purposeful practice, but without reflection you’re not getting anywhere fast. 

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